1- Express your wish becoming a " sponsor" Write us un Email

2- Once your registration approved, You will receive your "Sponsor-Code" which you will pass on to your Client.

3- Once he mentions your "Sponsor-Code", Your Customer will receive a 2.5% discount on his first order.

4- As soon as the order is paid in total, You will receive 2.5% of the net* value of the order into your bank account.

*By "Net value", we expect the order's total amount paid by the Client, including possibly any additional service (e.g., transportation, customs clearance, etc.). Commission is paid only in Swiss francs. 14 days are required before a commission is paid. If an order is canceled within 14 days of its approval, no charge is required. From the 15th day, no cancellation is possible, and the total amount is debited. No exceptions will be allowed. Offer is available for all NEW approved orders before the 15th of February 2017. The minimum order's quantity is indicated for each products and should be respected. 


Our products comply with Swiss and EU standards. We are at your disposal. According to your instructions, we provide certifications that suits you best. Do not hesitate to send us your inquiries

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